not quite ready for the big leagues

One of my favorite periods of my career was when I was writing for international magazines.
From 2012-2018, I was a monthly writer and artist for UK-based Photoshop Creative.
Honestly, I was not quite ready for the big leagues when I started. I cringe when I see suboptimal teaching and imaging in some of my early tutorials.
"cover legend"

Writing for an international audience was a nerve-wracking experience, but the pressure lit a fire under me and forced me to get up to speed quickly. A lot of practice and research and more practice led to increasingly better results.
Soon enough, I was on a roll! The editors and magazine staff treated me well, giving me lots of commissions and cover-art opportunities. 
I could now research a new feature or topic, create magazine-level art, and plot out and write the article in under a week.
An editor dubbed me "Cover Legend" due to the numerous times my art adorned a cover.
all good things ...

I thought I was going to write for that magazine forever, but alas, all good things must come to an end.
September 2018, when the magazine shut down, was a sad month. It was the end of an era. And not just for Photoshop Creative.
The creative magazine industry was about dead. Already, Advanced Photoshop was resting in peace, and I believe Computer Arts was no longer doing tutorials at that point (the tutorials were the main draw for me). After a year or two of reprints in bookazines, my work no longer appeared on magazine racks. I focused my energy on the next chapter ...

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