The ultimate magazine for the ultimate art machine

I fell in love with Photoshop while in school for web design. That's when I realized it is the ultimate art machine.
In the late 2000s, I was getting into the creative magazines coming out of the UK. They featured over-the-top Photoshop work that just blew my mind. The UK and European Photoshop artists were on another level.
 After reading through several issues of Advanced Photoshop, I knew one of my career goals was to write for this great publication.
my artistic growth, chronicled

It took several years of intense practice and study before I got into an actual magazine. And it wasn't quite time for Advanced Photoshop.
I made some minor appearances in magazines such as Layers and Practical Photoshop. Fine magazines, yes. 
But not Advanced Photoshop.
I actually started writing for Photoshop Creative, Advanced Photoshop's sister magazine, and it was great! I learned a lot writing multiple articles and tutorials per month. One can see my evolution as a Photoshop artist by looking at my work chronologically.
Reaching the peak (BETTER LATE THAN NEVER)

I finally reached the peak of the mountain, but alas, it was a little too late.
Getting actual commissions and art opportunities for the sacred Advanced Photoshop was like a dream. It was what I had been working on for years.
Honestly, I think I still needed a bit more time to polish my skills, but I'm glad I got on when I did. 
The magazine shut down soon after. I was able to write several tutorials, and I am extremely grateful for that.

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